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Veritas Safety Management


Health and Safety compliance is a legal requirement and Health and Safety Training is part of that legal requirement. Training is an investment in your most important resource, your people!

Veritas Safety Management deliver health and safety training, compliance training or management training is identified, delivered managed and supported by Veritas Safety Management.

Health and Safety Training gives confidence in the workplace for all concerned.

Working to recognised and accredited standards Veritas Safety Management products are at the highest level. Training and consultancy is delivered by industry recognised qualified personnel to ensure compliance.

Support services is underpinned by manufacturer and supplier training allowing our customers, present and future, the confidence to use Veritas Safety Management every time.

With satellite locations around the U.K. Veritas Safety Management have a national footprint directed from our centre locations in Chadderton, Manchester and Speke, Liverpool.

Veritas Safety Management
Veritas Safety Management

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